Ernesto Antopia

May 16, 2016 | Spring 2015 Chefs

Ernesto Antopia

Café Cortina

Ernesto Antopia first learned the importance of using the freshest ingredients While cooking with his abuela (grandmother) when he was 13 years old. These early experiences in the kitchen sparked his interest for the culinary arts, and he entered the restaurant business at age 15 “on the bottom.” He went on to Schoolcraft College to study culinary arts.

He has had a lot of great opportunities and worked with a lot of great people, but he says his best experience so far has been working at Farmington Hills restaurant Café Cortina, where he started in 2012. The executive chef says each new opportunity has brought a fresh set of challenges, and it has been exciting to overcome them and continue to evolve and grow as a professional chef and as a person.

Antopia, 29, has “a beautiful wife and two very beautiful daughters ages 2 and 6 months.”