Adam Polisei

Adam Polisei

Ocean Prime

Adam Polisei employs a passionate and approachable leadership style in his role as executive chef of Ocean Prime in Troy, Mich. With an athletic background, Polisei mentors his culinary team — consistently praising the positive and constructively coaching any areas of improvement — in order to present an exquisite dining experience for each guest.

Polisei began his restaurant career at Harper’s Restaurant and Brew Pub in East Lansing, Mich., while completing a degree in food industry management from Michigan State University. He then ventured to Mitchell’s Fish Market in 2006, where he was quickly promoted from broil cook to sous chef of the restaurant’s Cincinnati location. From there, Polisei relocated to Florida where he was sous chef of Ocean Prime in Tampa.

A Clinton Township, Mich., native, Polisei was captivated with the restaurant business from a young age and proved that his enthusiasm in the kitchen was contagious. Shadowing his uncle at Hungry Howie’s, Polisei eagerly completed any task he was allowed to as a 10-year-old. “Once I really started cooking and I realized the joy that creating something in a kitchen could bring so much joy to someone’s day and make a lasting memory on their lives, I was hooked,” says Polisei.

As a child, Polisei idolized his grandfather, a hospitality industry veteran, who regaled stories of Polisei’s great-grandfather immigrating to the United States and making a living as a chef at the Detroit Hotel. Knowing how proud his great-grandfather would be of his culinary accomplishments has been a great inspiration for Polisei throughout his career.

When not experimenting in the kitchen, Polisei and his wife Heather love enjoying food and wine together, cheering on the Detroit Tigers and soaking up the outdoors while fishing and golfing.