Matthew Fitchet

Matthew Fitchet

Big Rock Chophouse


Chef Matthew A. Fitchett began his culinary journey at age of 14, washing dishes and
preparing toast at Johnson’s Family restaurant located down the road from his home in
Canton, Michigan. He knew at an early age he had a love for the art of food and began
taking steps early to ensure his bright future in the culinary arena.

Working at a variety of high volume American, Italian and French restaurants became a
passion for him. He refined his cooking skills by graduating from Schoolcraft College
with a culinary degree where he also had the opportunity to participate in a few
American Culinary Federation competitions.

After graduation, CMC Jeffrey Gabriel took him in as a sous chef for his culinary classes
at Schoolcraft and then invited him to work at The Farm Restaurant in Port Austin,
 Michigan for three summer seasons. Fitchett then traveled to Thailand to experience
first-hand the culinary cultural differences. He continued moving up in his career and
spent the next years working at Loving Spoonful, Five Lakes Grill, Golden Mushroom,
Barton Hills Country Club, Bay Harbor Yacht Club, and American Harvest Restaurant at
Schoolcraft College. Over the years, he had the opportunity to work and train with a
variety of talented chefs learning firsthand from their expertise while developing his own

Most recently, Fitchett worked as Certified Executive Chef of Café Zinc, a French bistro
at the H Hotel in Midland, Michigan prior to joining BIG ROCK CHOPHOUSE in 2014. He
currently oversees a staff of 30 and is responsible for all aspects of the kitchen including
training, purchasing, special events at BIG ROCK CHOPHOUSE and THE RESERVE and
most importantly, creating the restaurant’s 4-star, award-winning menu.

His cooking style is food first. “I find myself asking my chefs, what can you do to
enhance the dish not add to the dish?” His philosophy centers on cooking with natural
and seasonal products, utilizing local ingredients and the importance of selecting
healthy living foods for ingredients, which is always the best choice.

Fitchett practices this same belief at home too. He has an organic garden, fruit trees
and he even raises his own chickens. He preserves and cans foods to support his
family’s healthy lifestyle. He believes as chefs we should embrace traditional cooking
and support our local farmers.